Managing Spaces

Article Number:04071

System administrators can manage spaces, space templates, and thread actions by selecting a menu under Spaces in Kintone Administration.

  • On the Space Management screen, you can view the usage status of the spaces created in your environment. You can join, leave, or delete each space in the List of Spaces.
    Refer to the information on how to restore the deleted spaces as well.

  • On the Space Templates screen, you can create a space template, export the created template to a file, or import a space template from a file.
    Refer to the information on data that are not included in the space templates as well. We recommend you read the information before you start creating app templates.

  • On the Thread Action Management, you can view all thread actions that users created. In the List of Thread Actions, you can change the settings of each thread action or delete existing thread actions.

For more details on how to create spaces and what users can do on the created spaces, refer to the "Space" page in User Help.