Displaying Records Which Meet Multiple Conditions

This section describes how to display records which meet multiple conditions, for example, to show only the scheduled sales of this month for orders made by A Company and B Inc. in an order management app.
If you use a customer name for the Text field or the Lookup field, you can combine AND/OR conditions to filter data at one time.

Example of filter conditions:

  • Customer name equals to "A Company" or "B Inc.".
  • Month of sales equals to "This Month".

You set these conditions with following procedure described below.

  1. In a record list screen of an order management app, click Image. Filter icon

  2. Select "Customer Name" for the first condition. Select a customer name

  3. In order to display records of "A Company" or "B Inc.", select "includes any of", and then enter "A Company" and "B Inc".
    You should enter customer names which exactly match the registered names.
    Specify conditions

  4. Click + to add a filter area, and then select "Month of Sales" for the second condition. Select a month of sales

  5. In order to display the scheduled sales for this month, select "= (equal to)", and then select "This Month" and "All". Specify an additional condition

  6. In order to display records which meet both conditions, select "All conditions are met". Check box indicating that all conditions are met

  7. Specify the display order of the records with "Sort by".

  8. Click "Apply" or "Save".
    If you click "Apply", records will be filtered under the specified condition. In an app where you have management permission, you can click "Save" to save the filter condition within the app. Apply button Records will be filtered under the specified conditions.