Previewing Apps

Before you activate an app you created, you can preview the app to test whether it can work successfully. If you want to make changes to an activated app, you can also use the preview to test the changes before you apply them to the activated app. Data created in preview mode does not affect the activated app.
The following describes how to open an app in preview mode to test.

Opening an App in Preview Mode

  1. Click Settings Settings in the upper right of the View screen of the app.
    View screen of the app

  2. Click "App Settings" tab. Open the app settings

  3. Open Preview. Opening the Preview

  4. A preview environment is opened to verify the app. The preview environment does not reflect records that have already been registered in an activated app. Records created in the preview environment are retained only within the preview environment. Preview environment is displayed

Limitations on the Preview Environment

The preview environment has the following limitations:

  • You cannot save a filter of a view.
  • You cannot save a graph.
  • You cannot create or view a periodic report.
  • Changes to the permission settings of the app cannot take effect.
    The preview environment take over the permission settings of the app in the production environment.
  • No notifications are sent.
  • The app cannot interact with external services, such as Webhook and Slack.
  • A record filter that includes the does not contain or contains condition may not work correctly.