Managing Apps

Article Number:04010

If you are a Kintone Administrator, you can manage apps and app templates from each menu under Apps in Kintone Administration.

  • On the "App Management" screen, you can view the usage status of apps created by users. In the Apps section of the page, you can open App Settings of each app or delete a specific app.
    This section also provides information on how to restore deleted apps.
    Actions You can Perform on the "App Management" Screen
    Restoring Deleted Apps

  • On the "App Templates" screen, you can create app templates, export a created template to a file, or import an app template from a file.
    This section also provides information on settings that are not included in the app templates. It is recommended that you read the information before you start creating app templates.
    Managing App Templates
    Settings That Are Not Included in App Templates