Adding Apps to Favorites / Removing Apps from Favorites

Article Number:040635

You can add important apps and frequently used apps to Favorites.
In this topic, we explains how to add apps to Favorites and how to remove apps from Favorites.

Adding Apps to Favorites

Open an app that you want to add to Favorites, and then click the pin icon Image on the upper right of the screen.

Once you add apps to the Favorites, you can list your favorite apps by selecting the Favorite Apps from the Apps section or from the Quick Access Menu on the Portal. The newly added favorite app will be displayed at the bottom of the Favorite Apps list.

You can also reorder apps in the "Favorite Apps" list. For the steps to reorder apps, refer to Reordering Favorite Apps.

Removing Apps from Favorites

  • Removing an app from Favorites by opening individual app:
    Open the app you want to remove from your Favorites and click the pin icon Image on the upper right of the screen.
  • Removing an app from the Favorites by using the "Favorite Apps" list:
    If you want to organize your Favorite Apps, you can remove some apps from the list. Open the drop-down list under "Apps" section on the Portal, and then click Edit at the right end of "Favorite Apps".
    When you click Remove from Favorites on a specific app in the dialog and click Save, the app will be removed from the Favorites Apps list.