Communicating with Team Members Using a Thread

Article Number:040144

A thread is a feature similar to a bulletin board and you can create threads by topic in your space. Even if there are multiple threads for various topics in your space, you can communicate with members smoothly or organize the information members exchange in each thread.

This topic describes the basic steps to create and use a thread. Let's start creating a thread by performing the following steps and you will get to know how to use a thread to communicate with team members.

In the following example, we first create a "Thread for Business Meeting" in the Space for Sales Department, which has been created in Creating a Space for Your Team, and then post a comment to a member of the Sales Department in the thread.

  1. In the Spaces section on the Kintone Portal, click Space for Sales Department.

  2. On the space portal, click the Create Thread icon (the plus sign-shaped icon in the Threads section).

  3. In the thread name field (A), type "Thread for Business Meeting". In the body text (B), enter a thread description as "Let's share status of your business meeting with members. You can also share documents and demo data used in your meetings." and click Save.
    Now, you have created a thread as shown below.

    Next, let's write a comment to a team members in the thread.

  4. Click the comment field ("Write your comment..." area) in the thread.

  5. Click Mention or enter "@" (half-width at mark) in the field.

  6. Type a part of the recipient name you want to send a comment to and select your recipient from the candidate list displayed.
    In this example, type "Barbara" and then select "Barbara Miller" from the candidate list.

  7. Write your comment and click Post.
    After posting your comment, a notification will be sent to the specified recipient in Kintone.

On the Kintone screen for "Barbara Miller" you specified as a recipient, a new comment is displayed in the "Notifications" section. When the recipient clicks on it, the Thread for Business Meeting opens and the corresponding comment is displayed. Additionally, the number of new notifications is displayed on the Notifications icon (the bell-shaped icon at the top of Kintone).