Changing the Settings of an App

Article Number:040135

In Kintone, you can change the App Settings flexibly and apply the changes quickly when you need to accommodate some requests even after you activate and start using your app.

This topic describes the basic steps to change the settings of the app you created.

In the following example, we use the Employee Information app, which we created in the "Creating an App" page, to add a new drop-down field named "Department" and make it selectable when you enter a department for an employee. By providing a predefined list of departments using the drop-down field, users will be able to enter the department data more easily.

Image of the created app:
Image of the created app

  1. On the top page of Kintone, click the Employee Information in the Apps section.

  2. Click the Settings button settings button on the upper right side of the top page of the app.

  3. From a list of fields on the left side of the screen, drag a "Drop-down" field and drop it to the right area.

  4. Hover the mouse cursor over the upper right side of the drop-down field you placed in step 3, and click Settings when a gear icon Gear icon appears.

  5. Type "Department" in the "Name" field.

  6. In the "Options" section, click the plus button Plus (+) icon on the right side of the entry field to add an item, and type "Sales Department", "Development Department", and "HR Department", respectively.

  7. Click Save.

  8. Click Save Form on the upper left side of the screen.
    The settings you configured for the form are saved. As your settings in the app have not been applied yet at this point, you can change and save the settings as many times as you need.

  9. Click Update App on the upper right side of the screen.
    By clicking this button, your changes are applied to the app and the updated app becomes available to other Kintone users. The change you made to the settings will not be available to others until you click Update App.