An error "Please login" is displayed even though I am on Kintone

Article Number:040307

If you open multiple tabs in your Web browser to perform actions in Kintone, your session may be terminated and an error message "Please login." may be displayed.

For example, this error may be displayed when you perform actions like the following:

  1. Opening the edit record screen.

  2. Accessing Kintone using a new tab in your Web browser.

  3. Logging out from Kintone on the tab mentioned in No. 2.

  4. Clicking Save on the edit record screen mentioned in No. 1.

If you move from the current screen (e.g., the edit record screen), edited content will be discarded.
To avoid this, copy the entered content and then close the screen by clicking Cancel, etc.
After that, log in to Kintone again to perform actions such as re-editing records.