Opening the Tread Action Management Screen

Article Number:04081

On the Tread Actions Management screen, you can view all thread actions that users created. You can change the settings of each thread action or delete existing thread actions as needed.
Tread Action Management screen

To open the Thread Action Management screen, perform the following steps.
The steps can be performed only by Kintone Users & System Administrators and Kintone System Administrators.

  1. Click the Settings button Settings button on the upper right side of the Kintone screen and click "Kintone Administration."
  2. Click Thread Action Management on the system administration screen displayed.

    • When changing the thread action settings
      Click the Edit button Edit button for the thread action whose setting you want to change.
      For more details on the thread action settings, refer to Creating Thread Actions.

    • When deleting a thread action
      Click the Trash button Trash button for the thread action you want to delete, and click Delete.