Managing Plug-Ins

Article Number:0404

A plug-in is a package of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS files for setting screens.
On the Plug-ins screen of Kintone Administration, you can view a list of plug-ins imported in Kintone so that you can manage and see the usage status of the plug-ins.

To use a plug-in, you first need to import the plug-in on the Plug-ins screen of Kintone Administration. To perform this action, you need to have the system administrative permission.
Assigning Kintone Administrators
Adding/Deleting Plug-Ins (Kintone Administration)
Screen to manage plug-ins

Once you import a plug-in here, users will be able to make the imported plug-in available in their apps by adding it on the App Settings screen of each app.
Adding/Deleting Plug-Ins (App Settings)

To display the Kintone Administration "Plug-ins" screen, click the Settings icon (the gear-shaped icon at the top of Kintone), then click Kintone Administration. Then, click Plug-ins on the Administration screen displayed.

If you are a Kintone Users & System Administrator, you can also download a list of plug-ins that have been imported in Kintone in CSV format.