Understanding Notifications on Mobile Devices

On iOS-based mobile devices, you can receive push notifications if Mobile apps are installed. The number of your unread notifications is displayed on the upper right of kintone icon.
(iOS only) The number of notifications displayed on icon is automatically updated when:

  • you receive a "To Me" notification
  • you change the status of notification to "Read"
  • you change the status of notification back to "Unread" from "Read"

On both iOS and Android devices, when you tap Kintone icon on the Mobile app or open a portal screen from your web browser, the number of unread notifications is displayed over the notification icon on the upper right side.
The number of unread notifications displayed over the notification icon is not updated automatically. It is updated when the screen is reloaded.

The Difference Between "Notifications" And "Assigned to Me"

  • Notifications
    It displays notifications which are "To Me", "Flagged", or "All" (or filtered result based on a custom filter).
    On any screen, tapping the notification icon on the upper right will display a list of notifications. You can toggle between Read and Unread, and also can filter notifications by using "To Me", "Flagged", and "All" (or notification filters you created).
    "To Me" and "All" unread notifications become read when tapped, and disappear from the list of unread notifications. The notifications marked as "Flagged" Flagged remain displayed until they are unmarked.
    The notifications may be displayed together as a group, as in the PC version. For details, see the description in Group Notifications.

  • Assigned to Me
    You can view "Assigned to Me" from the navigation menu. If you have records assigned to you in the Process Management, you will see red badges on the right of the "Assigned to Me" menu.
    If you tap Assigned to Me, you will see the apps you are working with, and the number of assigned records.
    In addition to the number of assigned records, the notifications assigned to you are displayed in the "Notifications" as unread "To Me" notifications.
    Performing actions on "Assigned to Me" does not make "To Me" notifications read.