Checking the Required Number of Guest Account Licenses

Article Number:04033

If you want to continue using the services as a guest user even after the free trial period ends, you will need to complete the Guest Account License purchase process. You are not billed without the purchase process.
Guest users can access the guest space even during the period until purchase process is completed.
However, if the purchase process is not completed after a certain period of time, the service will become inactive.

The required number of Guest Account Licenses can be checked in the following steps:

  1. Click the Settings button gear shaped administration menu icon under the header.

  2. Click "Kintone Users & System Administration."
    Image showing how to display the Administration screen

  3. Display the "Service Usage" screen and click Subscription Details.
    Subscription details are displayed.
    Image of Subscription Details enclosed in a square

  4. Check "Guest Users" from "Options" section.
    The quantity of "Purchased Guest Account Licenses" must be equal to or higher than the quantity of "Guest Users in Use".

Reducing the Required Number of Guest Account Licenses

Take any of the following steps for guest users to be billed:

Refer to Guest Accounts in Use for billing of guest users.

If the Number of the Licenses Is Lower Than the Required Number

A warning is displayed in the "Options" section when the number of "Purchased Guest Account Licenses" is lower than the number of "Guest Users in Use".
Example of warning message

When the number of licenses falls below the required number of licenses, a warning is displayed on the screen and cannot be hidden until the necessary action is taken.
Promptly take one of the following actions: