Tips: Useful Combinations of Process Management and Other Settings

Article Number:040572

It is more effective to combine other settings made for the app, when setting the Process Management.

This section shows the settings of views, notifications, and permissions, which are useful for the following workflow.
Example of recommended settings for process management workflow

Setting Views

If you want to check whether your requests have been approved, create a view to display your requests.
Filter the view by using a condition of whether the "Created By" is a logged-in user. View settings to show only your requests For details on specifying conditions to filter views, see the Configuring Views.

You can configure your app to first display the view of your requests.
By sorting views to move the view of your requests at the top, that view is displayed first.
Reordering Views in the Drop-down List Setting a view

Setting Notifications

If the Process Management feature is enabled, you will receive a notification when you become an assignee.
You will not receive a notification when your request is approved. If you want to receive such a notification, you need to set up notifications in the Per Record Notifications setting. Setting notification telling you that your request is approved For details on the Per Record Notifications, refer to Setting up Notifications Sent When a Record Meets a Certain Condition.

How to Notify Assignees of Tasks

When a request or a task assigned to you is registered, a notification is sent to Kintone.
You can also receive the notification by e-mail. For details, refer to Setting E-Mail Notifications.

The number of "Assigned to Me" records is displayed for each apps in the Kintone Portal (top page).
Since you can always check the tasks assigned to you, you can avoid over looking your tasks.
Assigned to Me app on the portal

By clicking the Assigned to Me app, records assigned to you are displayed. (Assigned to me) view

Setting Permissions

You can set permissions according to the statuses of records.
You can disable changing or deleting "Approved" records. You can also hide "Requesting" records to users other than requestors and approvers.
Configuring Permissions for Records

Disabling Users to Change or Delete "Approved" Records

When setting the Permissions for Records, specify only the "View" permission to "Everyone" if the status is "Approved". Setting permissions for records

Hiding "Requesting" Records to Users Other Than Requestors and Approvers

When setting the Permissions for Records, allow all actions for requestors and approvers, and prohibit all actions for "Everyone".
Setting permissions for records