What You Can Do with Process Management

Article Number:040576

Configure processes for multiple users to edit and review records.
You can also manage requests for approvals and final decisions using apps, and treat them as workflows.
Manage tasks that are performed by multiple users (work management, claim management, etc).

What Is Process Management

By configuring a Process Management, status, assignee, and action are added for each case to the app.

  • Status
    If you set the Process Management, the status of each record is displayed.

  • Assignee
    For each status, user who edits or confirms the record and changes the status is specified as the Assignee.
    On the top page of Kintone portal, the number of records where you are set as the Assignee is displayed for each app.
    Image Click one of the displayed apps to display a list of records in which you are set as the assignee.

  • Action
    If you perform an action, the status changes.
    Records where you are set as the Assignee appear with an action button.
    Click the button to check the next status and assignee. Click Confirm to change the record status.

Example Flow from Adding Records to Completing Process

This section describes the flow in a purchase request app where the Process Management is set.

If you save a record, the initial status and the button (action) to move to the next status are displayed. Displaying the action Perform the action.
If you click the button, the next status and the assignee are displayed. If you click Confirm, the status and the assignee are changed. Performing the action If the status is changed, and you are no longer the Assignee, the action button disappears.

A user who becomes an assignee of Process Management will receive "To Me" notifications.
Record details are displayed if you click the notification. Notification settings On the Kintone top page, the number of records where you are set as the assignee is displayed for each app.
By clicking the Assigned to Me app, records assigned to you are displayed. Assigned to Me The next assignee performs the action.
transaction Now, it reaches the final (complete) status.