Logging In/Logging Out

Article Number:040355

This article covers how to log in to or log out from Kintone.

To log in, access the login screen by entering the URL in your Web browser.
To log out, perform the logout operation on Kintone.
The details are as follows:

Logging in to Kintone

  1. Enter your login URL (https://subdomain name.kintone.com/) in the address bar of your Web browser and access the login screen.
    If you do not know the login URL, contact your administrator.

  2. Enter your login name and password. Then, click Login. Screenshot: The login screen

  3. When you are prompted with the screen to select a service, click "Kintone." Screenshot: The screen to select a service

Logging out from Kintone

  1. Click the Open the Account Settings icon (the down arrow at the top right of Kintone).

  2. Click Logout. Screenshot: The "Logout" menu option