Login Security Settings Applied to Guest Users

Article Number:040821

Some of the items in the Login Security settings of Users & System Administration are applied to guest users, while others are not.
The details are as follows:

Item Applicable Note
Enable SAML authentication Always disabled.
Minimum Number of Characters for the User Password  
Password complexity requirements  
Allow users to use login name as password  
Password Expiration  
Password Reuse Limit  
Allow users to change password Users can change their passwords at any time.
Force users to change their passwords on their next login  
Allow users to reset password Users can reset their passwords at any time.
Account Lockout Never locked out.
Login session expiration
Enable auto-complete for the login name Always disabled.
Allow Web browsers to save login name and password Never allowed.
Allow users to skip login step Never allowed.

The "✔" mark indicates that a setting applies to guest users.

Please note that IP address restrictions are not applied to the login screen for guest users.
We recommend that you use two-step verification to enhance authentication.
For details on two-step verification, refer to Enabling Two-Step Verification Authentication for Guest Users.