Overview of Thread Action

Article Number:040710

Thread action is a feature to transfer comments and/or URLs written in a thread to a record in the specified app.
It is useful when you want to select some comments and save them.
By using thread actions, you can copy thread comment, its URL, and more to a record in the specified app.

For example, you can use this feature as follows.

  • Copy a task that is requested using a thread comment to a ToDo app.
  • Copy work contents that is described in a thread comment to your manual app.

You can create a thread action from each comment in the thread.
You can find the detailed steps in Creating Thread Actions.

Example of Creating Thread Actions:
In this example, Ms. Smith copies data to the To-Do app, in response to the request from Ms. Miller. Image

When you create a thread action, it will be added to the action menu.
The action menu is displayed when clicking Action in the comments of the thread, people, or message.

If you click the action you created, a screen to add records opens and the data such as comments are copied to the field of the app that you specified.
Enter values in other fields as needed, and click Save to add the data as a new record. Image

In the thread action setting, specify the target app and destination fields where the data is copied to.
The following fields can be specified as a destination to copy the data to.

Fields Available for Destination

The fields available for destination vary depending on the type of data to be copied.

Data to Be Copied Fields Available for Destination
Comment text
  • Text area
  • Rich text
Comment posted datetime
  • Date and time
  • Date
Comment posted by User selection
Comment permalink Link (Only if the type of the entered value is "URL")