Posting Comments to Members in an App

Article Number:040132

The Comments feature in an app enables you to make a comment or leave a memo on a specific record. You can communicate with members on data using the feature, so that you can store all related information in your app. Also, you can specify users and departments as recipients when posting a comment.

The following example guides you through the steps to post a comment directed to a user. In this example, you will post a comment on the record (an employee information) you have added in the "Registering Data in an App" page.

  1. On the top page of Kintone, click the Employee Information in the Apps section.

  2. Click the icon to display the Record Details screen Icon to open the record details screen in the left most column of the record you want to post a comment.

  3. Click the comment field ("Write your comment here" area) on the right side of the Record Details screen.  You will see "Mention" at the top of the comment field.

  4. Click the Mention at the top of the comment field, or enter "@" (half-width at mark) directly in the field.

  5. Type a part of a recipient name after "@" and select your recipient from the candidate list displayed.
    In this example, type "Barbara" and then select "Barbara Miller" from the candidate list.

  6. Write your comment and click Post.
    After posting your comment, a notification will be sent to the specified recipient in Kintone.

On the Kintone screen for "Barbara Miller" you specified as a recipient, a new comment is displayed in the "Notifications" section. When the recipient clicks on it, the corresponding record of the Employee Information app opens and the comment field is displayed. Additionally, the notification icon Notification icon on the upper left side of the screen shows the number of new notifications.

Next, you will change the App Settings by following the steps described in Changing the Settings of an App.