What Is a Periodic Report?

Periodic Report is a feature that periodically summarizes app data and logs the summarized result. The feature summarizes app data hourly, daily, monthly, or at certain intervals, and then logs the result.
The logged result can be checked later. You can also check for chronological variance in the summarized result.
The latest 30 summarized results are retained. The earlier results are discarded.

Periods That Can Be Set for Summarizing

For "Periodic Report", the summarized result can be logged in one of the following periods:

  • Hourly
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Yearly

Setting Periodic Reports

"Periodic Report" is one of the options in the graph settings. To configure "Periodic Report", select the "Generate reports periodically" check box in the graph settings. Picture For details on the graph settings, see the following page:
Creating Graphs

Reviewing Summarized Results in Periodic Report

  1. On the "Record List" screen of an app, click Image.
  2. From the displayed graph list, select the periodic report to be checked. Picture
  3. Select the chart type, the graph created date, and so on.
    • To check the summarized result of a specific time, select the chart type and the graph created date. Picture
    • To check for chronological variance in the summarized result, select the period.
      If you select the period, a line chart is displayed regardless of the setting of the chart type. Picture