In What Condition User/Department/Group Is Displayed As Mention Candidate?

If the value entered after the "half-width at sign (@)" matches or partially matches any of the following strings which is set for User, Department, or Group in Kintone Users & System Administration, that value is displayed as a Mention candidate.

In the case of a user:

  • Display Name
  • Localized Name
  • Phonetic name of the user's first name and last name
  • Login Name

In the case of a department:

  • Name
  • Localized Name
  • department code

In the case of a group:

  • Name
  • Group Code

Display Order of Candidates

The display order of Mention candidates is determined based on the following conditions.

  • Prefix match with the input string
  • Frequency of mention in the last 30 days
  • "Display order" that is set in the Kintone Users & System Administration.
    Refer to "Changing the Display Order of Users"