Some Fields Are Not Displayed in the "Field in App" Column on the Import from File Screen

The following fields are not displayed in the "Field in App" column on the Import from file screen.

  • Fields cannot be bulk created/updated
  • If a field is selected as "Key Field" in Lookup and the Prohibit duplicate values option is not enabled for the field, or if fields are selected for the "Field Mappings" in Lookup.
  • Fields for which you do not have edit permission

If you find any field that is not displayed in the "Field in App" column, check the following:

Check if the Field Can Be Bulk Created/Updated

Some fields (such as the attachment field) cannot be bulk created/updated when importing data from a file.
To check if the problem field can be bulk created/updated during file import, refer to the "Import/Export of App Data" page.

Check if the Field Is Specified in Lookup

  • If a field is specified as a "Key Field" in Lookup, you cannot import data from a file for that field unless "Prohibit duplicate values" option is enabled.
    Check the field setting in the source app, and enable the "Prohibit duplicate values" option if it is disabled.

  • The fields specified for "Field Mappings" in Lookup are not imported when importing data from a file. If you import data to the Lookup fields, the data is automatically retrieved from the associated app.

Refer to Can I Import Values from a File to a Lookup Field?

Check if You Have Permission to Edit the Field

In this case, app administrators need to check if users have permission to edit the problem field in the App Settings page.
If necessary, app administrators may need to grant view/edit permissions for fields to the users who import data from a file.
Setting Permission for Fields