Although I can view records as well as the fields and the app to which the records belong, the records do not appear in search results

Article Number:040261

This is probably because you do not have view permission for the Created datetime field.

In the Search All Contents, Search in Space, and Search in App, search results are sorted by "Created datetime" by default. Therefore, if you do not have view permission for the Created datetime field, the sort cannot be performed properly and the expected search results will not be displayed.


Try one of the following solutions.

Configure Permission for the Created Datetime Field

  1. Click the Settings button settings button on the upper right side of the top page of the app.

  2. Select the App Settings tab and then click Fields under Permissions.

  3. Click Add and then select the Created datetime field to set permissions.


    Management Department [✔] View [✔] Edit
    Everyone [  ] View [  ] Edit
    In this setting example, the Management Department members will be able to view and edit the Created datetime field. Other users cannot view the returned records when the search results are displayed with the default Sort by setting.
  4. Click Save on the upper left side of the screen.

  5. On the "Settings" screen, click Update App and then OK.
    The permission setting is applied to the app.

Select "Relevance" from the Sort By Options on the Search Results Screen

  1. Open the target app, enter the keyword in the search box on the upper side of the screen, and perform the search.

  2. Select "Relevance" from the "Sort by" options on the upper right side of the search results screen.

  3. Change the value for "Created by" and "Created Date Range" if necessary and click Search.

Use the Filter Feature in the View (If You Know Which field Contains the Value You Want to Find)

If you already know which field contains the value you want to find, you can also use the Filter feature to find records.

For more details on the Filter feature, refer to the "Filtering Records to Display in the View" page.