How to check disk capacity and disk usage

Article Number:040280

Only Kintone Users & System Administrators are allowed to check the disk capacity and the disk usage.

  1. Click the gear-shaped Settings icon at the upper part of the Kintone screen.

  2. Click Users & System Administration.
    An image that shows how to display the administration screen

  3. Display the "Service Usage" screen, and check "Kintone Storage".
    Service Usage screen

    • The number in the "Current" column
      This is the disk usage. It is 0 GB at the beginning of your trial.
      A warning will be displayed if this number exceeds the limit of the disk capacity.
      In such a case, take one of the following actions:
      • Increasing the number of licensed users
      • Purchasing additional storage
      • Reducing the disk usage
    • The number in the "Limit" column
      The maximum limit of the disk capacity for your Kintone.

Checking the More Detailed Breakdown

Check the breakdown of the disk usage and disk capacity on the confirmation screen of subscription details.

  1. Display the "Service Usage" screen and click Subscription Details.
    Subscription details are displayed.
    Image of Subscription Details enclosed in a square

  2. Check "Storage" in the "Options" section.
    Image of Subscription Details enclosed in a square

    Breakdown of Storage
    Current Usage This is the disk usage.
    The denominator is the total value of "Free Storage + Purchased Storage".
    Free Storage This is the standard disk usage. This storage can be used free of charge.
    We provide "the number of licensed users * (multiplied by) 5 GB".
    Purchased Storage This is the additional storage that you purchased.
    The type of subscription, whether monthly or annual, is displayed in brackets.