TIPS: Recipients That Can Be Selected Using the Add a Field of the Form Option

In the App Notification Settings, you can click "Add a field of the form" to select fields that you want to specify as recipients.
Fields that can be selected by clicking "Add a field of the form" are described below.

Specifying Created by, Updated by, or Assignee as a Recipient

You can click "Add a field of the form" and specify the user who created the record, the user who updated the record, or the assignee of the record as the recipient.

"Created by", "Updated by", and "Assignee" are described below.

  • Created by: The user who created the record.
  • Updated by: The user who last updated the record.
  • Assignee: The user who is assigned in the current status in an app where process management is enabled.

Example: Set the assignee as the recipient of reminder notifications.
Click "Add a field of the form" and select the assignee.

Specifying the User Selection/Department Selection/Group Selection Field as the Recipient

Specify the User selection/Department selection/Group selection field that is placed on the app form to notify the user/department/group for each record.
Those fields are not displayed if they have not been placed on the form.
If you specify the Department selection field, "Include Affiliated Departments" is displayed on the setting screen.

Example: In the General Notifications, specify the user who is assigned as the contact (User selection field) as the recipient.
Click "Add a field of the form" and select the contact (User selection field).