Changing Space Settings

Article Number:040696

Space administrators can change basic settings of a space (e.g., the space name and whether to make the space public) in the Space Management dialog.

Opening the Space Settings Dialog

Open the space whose setting you want to change, click the option button Option button at the upper right of the screen, and click Space Settings. The Space Settings menu is displayed only for space administrators.

Configurable Setting Options

You can configure the following setting options on the Appearance tab.

Screen to change Appearance

Item Description
Space name Specify your space name.
Guest Space - visible only to space members and invitees. Specify if you want to make your space public or private.
If selected, the space will be visible only to users who join the space.
Enable multiple threads. Note: This setting cannot be reverted. Select this check box to change the space with a single thread to a space that allows multiple threads.
Once you select the check box and save it, you will not be able to deselect it.
Block users from joining or leaving the space and following or unfollowing the threads. Specify whether you want to disallow users to join/leave the space and follow/unfollow threads or not.
Select this check box to prohibit space members from leaving the space or unfollowing the threads. This also prevents users who are not attendees from joining the space and following the threads.
Only allow space administrators to create apps Select this check box to restrict the ability to create apps in the space to space administrators.
You can add or delete space administrators on the Members tab.
For details, refer to Restricting the Creation of Apps in a Space to Certain Users.
Cover Photo Specify a cover photo for the space. You can click Browse to set the image of your choice. The specified cover photo is enlarged/shrunk in accordance with the window size of users' web browser.
For details on the image size, refer to Recommended Size for Cover Photos.
Contents in space portal page You can hide each content in the Space Portal page, such as "Announcement" and "Threads", if necessary.
For example, you might want to hide existing contents when customizing the Space Portal page using APIs.
For more details on customizing the portal page of a space, refer to Customizing the Space Portal Page.

Recommended Size for Cover Photos

You can upload an image file up to 5 MB to be used as the cover photo.
For the Desktop View, the height of the uploaded cover photo is fixed to 64 px and the width is enlarged/shrunk according to the web browser's width.

Therefore, we recommend that you prepare the cover photo image with 64 px in height, and the width equal to or greater than the maximum width of your web browser.
The file configured for the cover photo is enlarged/shrunk to fill the whole image area of the space with keeping the aspect ratio. If a text or logo in the image is clipped or extended off screen, place it in the middle of the image.