Displaying a Default Contact Name When Creating a Record

You can display a default contact (logged-in user) when creating a record in an app. By doing so, you can avoid selecting a contact whenever you create a record. Logged-in user is displayed by default when creating a record

Setting a Contact Field in an App

Place a field for entering a contact. You can use the "Created by" field or the "User selection" field for displaying a user name when creating a record. You cannot change the user name in the "Created by" field. In this example, use the "User selection" field where you can change the user name when needed. Add User Selection field

Setting a Default Value for the Contact Field

  1. Place the cursor on the Contact field in the form setting screen, and click Settings.

  2. In the user selection screen, click the icon to select users from departments or groups.

  3. Open the "Others" tab and select Login user, and then click Add (1). The Login user is added as the Default Value.

  4. Click Save on the bottom right side of the screen.

  5. Click Update App in the upper right.

Now, the name of the logged-in user (you) is displayed when creating a record. When creating a record

You can also create a view of records that are assigned to you, and display or save it.
For details on how to do this, refer to the Viewing Records That Are Assigned to You page.