When I import a CSV file, the message "The file is not valid for import." appears

Article Number:040242

In Kintone, you can import CSV files that use "CR+LF" or "LF" as a newline character.

If you import a CSV file that contains any other type of newline character, you will see following error message: "The file is not valid for import. "
Edit the newline character of the CSV file in a text editor and import the file again.

This section shows you how to change the newline characters by using a text editor in two ways.

Specifying and Saving Newline Characters

Get a text editor where you can specify newline characters.
The names of menus and items displayed on the text editor may vary depending on the editor you are using.

  1. Open a CSV file in the text editor.
  2. Click Save As from the menu.
  3. Specify "CR+LF" or "LF" as a newline character and save the file.

Changing and Saving the Newline Characters Manually

  1. Open a CSV file in the text editor.
  2. Delete the newline characters that cause the error, and press "Enter" key to insert a newline.
  3. Save the file.