Managing App Templates

Creating app templates and adding them to Kintone enables you and other users to create apps later based on those templates.
By creating a new app with an template, you can apply the same settings to the newly created app. It is very helpful if you want to create multiple apps with the same settings configured.

To create an app template, you need to have Kintone administrative permission and permission to manage the app from which you want to create a template.

If you want to create and use an app template in your Kintone environment, you can create it on the App Templates screen and add it to Kintone.
App Templates screen For the detailed steps, refer to Creating a Template from an App and Registering It in Kintone.
We also recommend that you refer to the settings that are not included in app templates before creating an app template.

To display the screen to manage app templates, click the Settings button Settings button on the upper right of the Kintone screen, and click "Kintone Administration". Click App Templates on the system administration screen displayed.

  • To edit the name and the description of an app template, click the Settings button Setting button for the app template.
  • To delete an app template, click Delete on the upper left of the screen. Select the app template you want to delete, and click Delete on the upper left of the screen again.

You can export the created app template as a zip file and import it into Kintone in a different domain. Also, if you have an app template (zip file) that has been exported from Kintone in a different domain, you can import it to your Kintone environment.