Blank space

Article Number:040515

Placing "Blank space" fields on your app form lets you add blank spaces. This is useful for when you want to adjust the position of other fields.
You can change the size of a "Blank space" field by dragging its right or bottom edge. A "Blank space" field

"Blank space" fields are often used when users want to place elements, such as buttons, on a form using the customization feature.
For details, refer to the following pages:
Get Space Element -

Usage Example

When you add fields on a form, they are placed from top to bottom, being left-aligned to the edge of the form.
If you want to add margins to the upper side or left side of your form, to the left or right side of a field, or between lines, you can use "Blank space" fields.
By inserting a "Blank space" field next to a field and changing the size of the "Blank space" field, you can adjust the location of the field.

As an example, you can use "Blank space" fields to organize the appearance of fields as in the form of the "Quotation" app shown below.

"Quotation" app example

"Blank Space" Field Settings

"Blank space" field settings

  • Element ID
    Specify a value if you want to use the "Blank space" field for JavaScript or CSS customization.
    Up to 64 characters can be used for the element ID, and the ID must begin with an alphabetic character.
    The following characters can be used for the element ID. (However, you cannot specify an ID that is already used for another "Blank space" field.)
    • Alphabetic characters (uppercase and lowercase)
    • Arabic numerals
    • The following special characters:
      Hyphens ('-'), underscores ('_'), colons (':'), and periods ('.')