You can use the following two ways to summarize data and create graphs or tables:

  • Use a Recommended Graph
    Graph and table candidates that are created from the app data are displayed.
    You can create a graph or table simply by selecting one that meets your purpose from the list of candidates.
  • Design a Graph Starting from Graph Type
    Set the type and the sum condition to create a graph or table.

For details on which type of graph to use, see the following page:
Chart Type and its Usage

  1. From the "Record List" screen of the app that is used to summarize records, click Column chart icon.
  2. Check the variety of graphs in "Use a Recommended Graph".
    Click the graph that meets your purpose and proceed to step 5.
    If the recommended graphs are not displayed or if you cannot find a graph that meets your purpose, proceed to step 3.
  3. Select the chart type from the "Design a Graph Starting from Graph Type".
  4. Set each item in "Graph Options".
    • Chart Type
      Select the method by which the summarized result would be displayed after the change.

    • Group by
      Select an item that is to become the base for grouping when trying to group and summarize records.
      By using the date or time field, you can summarize records "by the month", "by the day", and so on.

    • Function
      Set the method for summarizing records.
      If you want to find a record with the latest or the oldest value in the date and time field, select "Maximum" or "Minimum" respectively.

    • Conditions
      Set the filter condition to be applied when summarizing only the specific records.
      Notes on using "contains" or "does not contain"
      The difference of filter results when specifying conditions of field values by departments

    • Sort by
      Select the method by which to sort the summarized results.
      Select "Level 1", "Level 2", or "Level 3" to sort the summarized result by each field value that is set respectively.

  5. Click "Apply".
    In the app for which you have management permission, you can click "Save" to save the sum condition to the app. The saved sum condition is public to app users.