I would like to view/add/edit data in Kintone without logging in

Article Number:040327

To view, add, and edit data on Kintone, users need to log in to Kintone.
If you have members who cannot log in to Kintone, consider the following operational workaround.

Example of Operations

  1. A member who can log in to Kintone exports Kintone data to a file.
    Exporting Data to a File
    The same member downloads the exported file and shares it with other members.

  2. A member who cannot log in to Kintone opens the shared file to view and edit data.

  3. To reflect the changes made to the shared file to data in Kintone, a member who can log in to Kintone imports the file toKintone.
    Adding/Updating Records in Bulk

    You can not only use the file exported from Kintone as shown in the above example, but you can also create and use a new import file in Excel/CSV format to add or update data in Kintone.
    Preparing a File for Adding/Updating Records