What Can Be Done with App Notification Settings

You can set notifications to be sent when a certain action is performed on a record or a certain condition is satisfied by record data.

Notification Setting Patterns

Notifications are sent to app users in the following cases:

  • General Notifications
    Notification is sent when a certain action is performed on a record.
    Example: When a record is added to an app

  • Per Record Notifications
    Notification is sent when record data satisfies a certain condition.
    Example: When the amount of over one million yen is entered to a expense item

  • Reminder Notifications
    Notification is sent at a certain time (e.g., 7 days before, 3 days after) based on the date and time specified in the record.
    Example: When one of the dates passes the date entered in a due date item for To-Dos


For notification recipients, departments, groups, or users can be specified.
When the User selection/Department selection/Group selection field is placed in a form, users who are selected in that field can also be specified as recipients.
Refer to TIPS: Recipients That Can Be Selected Using the "Add a field of the form" Option.

By default, when a comment is posted to a record, the notification is sent to the following users:

  • User who created the record
  • User who previously posted any comment to the record

How to Notify

App notifications are displayed as "To Me" notifications on the recipient user's portal (Kintone top page) or on the Notifications page.
For example, users are notified that certain record was edited or status was changed. You can check the details on the record by opening that record.

If the e-mail notifications feature is enabled by the Kintone administrator, notifications are also sent by e-mail to users who enable e-mail notifications in their personal settings.