Setting the Thumbnail Image Display

This section explains the setting on whether to display thumbnail images that are attached to records (small images).
If the thumbnail display is enabled, when an image in one of the following formats is attached to the "Attachment" field, the thumbnail image is displayed.

  • BMP
  • GIF
  • JPG
  • PNG

When you click the thumbnail, the image is displayed in the actual size. When the actual size of the image is larger than the size of your browser, the size of the image fits your browser.
By default, the thumbnail display is enabled.

Changes in Thumbnail Display by Setting
Thumbnail Display Setting Display example
Enabled The thumbnail is displayed.
Disabled The file name is displayed.
  1. Click the app setting button Setting button on the upper right of the record view, select "App Settings" tab > "Advanced Settings", and then select Misc Settings.
  2. To enable the thumbnail display, select the "Show thumbnails" check box.
    To disable the thumbnail display, clear the check box.
  3. Click "Save" on the upper left side of the screen.