Creating App from Excel File

Article Number:040625

You can create a new app by importing an Excel file. In this way, you can create an app and import the file data into the app at the same time. This page guides you through the steps to create an app from an Excel file you use in your business.

To import data from a CSV file, refer to Creating App from CSV File. To import data from an Excel file into an existing app, refer to Importing Record Data from a File into an App.

Overview of Creating an App from an Excel File

STEP 1. Make sure that the Excel file used in your business or a copy of the original file is ready to use.
STEP 2. Edit the Excel file to format the data so that it can be imported to Kintone, and then save the Excel file.
Step 3. Follow the instructions on the wizard to import the file.

Steps to Create an App from an Excel File

  1. Format data in the Excel file so that the data can be imported to Kintone.
    Then, save the file on your PC. Sample file

  2. On the Kintone Portal, click the Create App icon (the plus sign-shaped icon in the Apps section).

  3. Click Create from Excel. Marketplace screen

  4. Click Continue. Continue screen

  5. Select the check boxes to confirm the check points, and then click Continue to the Upload screen.

  6. Click Browse and select a file to import. Screen to select a file to import

  7. When the Import Range of the Excel File dialog box appears, specify a data range to import to Kintone.
    The Import Range of the Excel File dialog box does not appear if the system automatically recognizes the imported data range. Specifying the data range to import

  8. Check that the first row of the preview displays item names, which will be used as field names.
    When the first row has an empty cell or merged cell, the system names the field automatically.
    Example) If there is an empty cell, it is named "field_B*".
      If there is a merged cell with a value "Address", one of the split cells is named "Address(2)*".
    To change the data to import, click Change the data range to specify a different range. Check the Preview

  9. Check that auto-suggested field types are correct.
    Kintone automatically sets appropriate field types based on the data of the top 100 rows in the Excel file. Generally, you do not have to change the field types.
    For items that you do not want to import from the Excel file, set the Field Type to (Skip this row). Checking field type

  10. Click Convert on the bottom right side of the screen.
    If clicking Convert results in an error, refer to If Creating an App from an Excel or CSV File Fails. Click Convert

  11. When the import completes, check the created app.
    When you click the app name displayed on the Portal, the "View" screen appears.
    Check the app created You can change the app name, icon, field positions, and other app settings.

If an Error Message Appears

When solutions described in the steps above do not work for you, refer to If Creating an App from an Excel or CSV File Fails.


  • Can you import the display format settings and the conditional formatting of cells?
    Kintone can import files that have such settings. However, the display formats or conditional formats in Excel are not applied to apps on Kintone.

  • For cells with formulas, can you import the formulas and the results?
    You can import only the resulted values.

  • Can I import a file to create an app that will have a table?
    Instead, you can import data that contains a table after creating an app.
    Importing Record Data from a File into an App

  • I want to change system-determined field types. However, the options do not include the Multi-choice field or the Check Box field.
    When creating an app from a file, you cannot select the Multi-choice field or the Check Box field as field types.
    For details, refer to Unavailable Field Types.
    Note that you cannot change field types after an app is created.