Downloading the Guest Users List in CSV Format

Article Number:040822

If you are a Kintone Users & System Administrator, you can download a list of your guest users in CSV format (UTF-8 with BOM) from the "Guest Management" screen.
The file can be used as a record of your guest user information at that point in time.

Screenshot: "Download in CSV format" on the "Guest Management" screen is outlined in red

For details on how to open the "Guest Management" screen, refer to Opening the "Guest Management" Screen.

Clicking Download in CSV format downloads a CSV file with a list of your guest users.

Information included in the CSV file

The following information is included in the downloaded guest user list.

  • Company
  • Display name
  • E-mail address
  • Status
  • Last login date and time
  • IDs of the guest spaces to which each guest user belongs
  • Guest spaces to which each guest user belongs
  • License
  • Trial expiration date