Is there a free trial for guest users?

Article Number:040339

We provide a free trial for guest users. The 30-day free trial period starts automatically when a guest user invited to a guest space first logs in to Kintone.

How to Start a Free Trial for Guest Users

  1. Inviter: Create a guest space in Kintone and invite a guest user.
    Adding Guest Spaces
    Guest Management (Inviting Guests)

  2. Guest: When an invitation e-mail has arrived, click the link within the e-mail to log in.

    Guest Actions: Login Process for Guests

    When the guest user is logged in, the 30-day free trial starts automatically.

When Free Trial for Guest Users Expires

When the 30-day free trial expires, the license status of the guest user is automatically changed from "Trial" to "Required."
If you want to continue using the guest user account in Kintone, purchase the Guest User option.

You will not be automatically charged the option fee even after the license status is changed to "Required." The guest user can continue to access the guest space to use the service.

If you do not need to use the guest user account after the expiration of the free trial, deactivate the guest user.
I would like to deactivate guest users