A Guest Trial Has Expired. Can I Restart the Trial?

Yes. You can sign up for a free trial again as a guest by performing the following actions.
Note that even if you sign up for the free trial again with the same e-mail address as the previous trial, you will be treated as a new guest.

(1) Delete a Guest Whose Trial Period Has Expired

  1. Write down the e-mail address for the guest you want to delete.

  2. Click the Settings button Settings menu on the upper right side of the screen to open Kintone Administration.
    Opening Kintone Administration

  3. Open Guest Management.

  4. Click the delete button Delete icon for name of the user you want to delete, and then click Delete.

(2) Invite the User as a Guest Again

  1. Click the Options button ・・・ in the guest space to invite guests, and click Manage Guests. Picture

  2. Click "Invite Guests". Picture

  3. In "Guest E-mail Addresses", enter the e-mail address you wrote down in step 1 in "(1) Delete a Guest Whose Trial Period Has Expired".
    You can also specify a different e-mail address.

  4. Write a comment in the "Message", and click Send.
    The invitation e-mail is sent to the specified guests.