What Is a Space?

Article Number:040618

Space is a feature used to communicate with each team. You can create a space for a set of attendees you chose, and discuss topics and share information within. Space

Splitting Threads by Topic

When a space has multiple topics of communication, you can create threads in the space. Thread is a collection of comments related to a certain topic. You can organize topics of communication in the space by splitting threads by topics so that users can post comments to topic-related threads. Threads

For details on how to add threads into spaces, see the following page:
Adding Threads

Managing Data by In-Space Apps

Apps can also be used to share information within a space. You can add apps into a space, and manage information required to communicate in the space, documents, and To-Dos.
An app that is added into the space is referred to as "in-space app". For details on in-space apps, see the following page:
What Is an In-Space App?

Sharing Information with External Users Using Guest Space

Guest Space is a space where external non-Kintone users can join as guests.
You can invite external users (customers, business contacts, partners, etc.) as guests.
Guest users can view/post threads or use in-space apps, only within the invited quest space.
By separating the space from the internal environment, you can avoid information leakage and share information securely.

For details on Guest Space, see the following page:
Guest Space