Article Number:040691

Spaces are where teams can communicate and access the apps necessary to them, all in one place.
You can create spaces for separate departments or projects, then add members and configure to whom you want the spaces to be visible.
By bringing together all of the information you want a team to see in one space and applying the appropriate privacy settings, you can ensure that it is easy for team members to access the information they need.

When you create a space, a thread is also created within the space.
Threads are used for communicating and sharing information with other space members.
By creating threads for specific topics and using them to post relevant information, you can organize the discussions that take place within a space.
If you want to use multiple threads in a space, select the Enable multiple threads checkbox on the "New Space" dialog.

The articles in this category explain how to create and use threads, along with other related information.
For details on space-related features configured by Kintone Administrators and Kintone Users & System Administrators (e.g., features for managing spaces, space templates, and thread actions), refer to Managing Spaces in the Administrator Help category.