What Is Lookup?

Kintone offers the Lookup function, which helps users enter information efficiently by referencing information that is stored in other apps. For example, it is time-consuming to enter the same customer information many times. To avoid this, Lookup gives users the ability to copy the customer information that is maintained in another app.
This section uses an Order Management app as an example to demonstrate how Lookup can help users.

Before Lookup Is Implemented

App used as an example for explanation:
Image of the Order Management appOrder Management

Without Lookup, users enter various information, including product names and prices, manually. As orders increase, the following issues might occur:

  • It takes considerable time to enter product information.
  • Product names and other inputs are inconsistent across users.
Image representing product information to be entered manually for each order

After Lookup is implemented

App used as an example for explanation:
Image of the Order Management appOrder Management

With Lookup, users can copy product information from a Product Management app.

  • Users can enter information more speedily.
  • Data entry mistakes decrease and names and other values are more consistent.
  • Prices and other related information can be copied at once.
Image representing Lookup used to copy data from the Product Management app to the Order Management app

For details on how to set up and use Lookup, see the following pages:

Related Features

To enable data integration across apps, you can use not only Lookup but also App Action and Related Records. The features App Action, Lookup, and Related Records differ as follows:

  • App Action copies an existing record to another app.
  • Lookup helps users create records by referencing and copying information from another app.
  • Related Records automatically display records that are related to the contents of the current record.

For details, see Integrating Data Across Apps.