A message "Not available service." appears and a user cannot access Kintone

Article Number:040309

If a user tries to access the URL of the service that is not included in his/her available services, a message "Not available service. Code: CB_NO02" is displayed and the access is denied. Screenshot: The "Not available service." screen

For example, this error message will appear if someone who does not have permission to use Kintone tries to access a Kintone URL (https://subdomain name.kintone.com/k/).


A Kintone Users & System Administrator needs to add Kintone as an available service for the relevant users individually, or specify the users together as users of the Kintone service.
For the steps to do so, refer to the following pages.
Checking Users of Services
Changing Available Services (by Users)
Changing Service Users (by Services)