What Is Field Code?

Article Number:040504

Field code is a text that you use when specifying a field in a formula or an API.
Although default value is provided for each field, you can change the value to any value.

Characters and Symbols That Can Be Used for Field Codes

You can use general texts and some symbols including Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji, half-width/full-width alphanumeric character for field codes.
Symbols that can be used for field codes are as follows.

  • Half-width underscore (_)
  • Full-width underscore (_)
  • Half-width centered dot (·)
  • Full-width centered dot (・)
  • Full-width currency symbols ($, ¥, and so on)

Notes on Field Code Setting

  • You cannot specify a text that overlaps with that of other field.
  • Field code cannot start with a number.
  • Following brackets (full-width or half-width) cannot be used.
    round brackets (()), square brackets (「」), angled brackets ([]), lenticular brackets (【】), curly brackets ({})
  • You cannot leave field codes empty.
    You can use 1 - 128 characters/symbols.
  • You cannot include space(s) in a field code.
  • The following strings cannot be used for field codes:
    • Record number
    • Created by
    • Updated by
    • Updated datetime
    • Created datetime
    • Status
    • Assignee
    • Category
    • __ROOT__
    • not

If you specify any character that cannot be used for field codes, an error message will be displayed when you click the save button to the right of the field where you enter a field code, or when you click the save button on the setting dialog.   


Described below are the steps to check/set a field code.

  1. Click the app settings button Settings button at the upper right of the "View" screen and select the Form tab.

  2. Hover the cursor over the setting button Setting button for the field that you want to set a field code, and click Settings.

  3. Check the string of the "Field Code".
    To change the field code, click the edit button Edit button, enter a new field code, and click Save.

  4. Click Save Form on the upper left of the form screen.

  5. Click Update App at the upper right of the app settings screen.

If You Get an Error

Field code error

If an error message appears when you click the save button after setting a field code, check whether any of the texts that are listed in the "Notes on Field Code Setting" section is used.
Use general texts when specifying field codes.