What Is a Field Code?

Field Code is a text string that is used to identify a field. It is used in formulas and APIs.

Although the field code is automatically set for each field, you can change it to any value within 128 characters. However, you cannot specify a value that overlaps with that in other fields. Also, the following are the restrictions on which characters you can use.

  • The only half-width symbol you can use is '_' (underscore).
  • The full-width symbols you can use are the following:
    • Currency symbols ($, ¥, and so on)
    • ・ (centered dot)
    • _ (underscore)
  • The field code cannot start with a number. If the field code begins with a number, a '_' (underscore) symbol is automatically prefixed to the field code.
  • The following strings cannot be used for field codes:
    • Record number
    • Created by
    • Updated by
    • Updated datetime
    • Created datetime
    • Status
    • Assignee
    • Category
    • ROOT

Checking or Setting Field Codes

  1. Open the app settings page.
    Opening App Settings Page
  2. Click the "Form" tab.
  3. Hover the cursor over Gear icon for the field you want to set the field code of, and click "Settings". Image
  4. Check the string of the "Field Code".
    In order to make your formula comprehensible, we recommend to use the same string for the field name and the field code.
    To change the field code, click Edit button, enter a new field code, and click "Save". Image