Duplicate Records

Article Number:040731

You can duplicate existing records by copying them to create new records.
It is useful when you want to reuse records by making some modifications to them and use the rest as is.

You can disable the Duplicate Record feature for apps that are not suitable for reusing records.
If you disable the Duplicate Record feature, the Duplicate Record icon is hidden.
Disabling the Duplicate Record Feature

Fields and Data That Are Not Copied

When you create a new record by duplicating an existing record, the following fields and data are not copied:

  • Record number
  • Created by
  • Updated by
  • Created datetime
  • Updated datetime
  • Attachment
  • Process Management information (Status and Assignee)
  • Comment
  • History

In addition to the fields listed above, data will not be copied for fields for which the user duplicating the record has not been granted the "Edit" permission in the Permissions for Fields settings. Any such fields will be left blank.
Configuring Permissions for Fields


  1. Click an app to display the "View" screen (the top page of the app).

  2. Click the Show Record Details icon at the far left of the record you want to duplicate. Opening the "Record Details" screen

  3. Click the Duplicate Record icon.
    This opens the screen to add records, with the original data populated. Duplicate

  4. Edit the record as needed. Editing the record

  5. Click Save to save the record.

The record is added as a new record.

If You Cannot Save Records Due to an Error

There may be a problem in the permission settings or app settings.
To resolve the issue, refer to the following pages.
When I try to save a record, a message "Cannot save the record because of error(s) in the following input data." appears
"(Cannot display the item name)" appears in an error message and a user fails to save a record (For app administrators)

Disabling the Duplicate Record Feature

The Duplicate Record feature is enabled by default.
For apps that are not suitable for reusing records, you can disable the Duplicate Record feature and hide the button to duplicate records.

  1. Click the App Settings icon (the gear-shaped icon at the upper right of the "View" screen), select the App Settings tab, and then select Misc Settings under Advanced Settings.

  2. Deselect Enable the feature to "duplicate record". check box for Duplicate Records feature

  3. Click Save on the bottom right side of the screen.

  4. Click Update App at the upper right of the screen.

  5. On the confirmation dialog, click Update App.