Duplicating Records

You can duplicate existing records by copying them and add them one by one as new records.
It is a good idea to reuse records by making some modifications to them and use the rest as is.

  1. Click an app to show the record list screen (the top page of apps).

  2. Click the icon Icon to open the record details screen in the left-most column of the record to duplicate. This opens the record details screen. Open the record details screen

  3. Click the icon to copy records Duplicate icon.
    The screen to add records opens with the original data. Duplicate

  4. Edit the record as needed. Edit the record

  5. Click Save to save the record.

The record is added as a new record.

If You Cannot Save Records Due to an Error

There might be a problem related to access permission or app setting.
For details on how to solve the problem, see the following page.
When the Message "Cannot save the record because of error(s) in the following input data." is Displayed
Unable to Save Records with "(Cannot display the item name)" Error (For App Administrators)