I would like to perform data aggregation on registered values or the number of records

Article Number:040198

You can use the Chart feature or the Data Aggregation feature to gather and express registered values or the number of records in a summarized form.

Described below are main differences between the Chart feature and the Data Aggregation feature.

  • Chart feature

    • To set a chart, you need the administrative permission for the app.
    • On the app settings screen, specify an aggregation condition and save.
    • The saved aggregation condition appears in the "Graph" drop-down list on the "View" screen. Other users can also use the saved aggregation condition.
    • You can set the "Periodic Report," which is a feature to automatically record the aggregate result on a periodic basis.
  • Data Aggregation feature

    • You can specify an aggregation condition on the "View" screen.
    • You can use the bookmark feature to save your aggregation condition as a bookmark. The aggregation condition you have bookmarked is not shared to other users.