Article Number:040531

The "Label" field Placing a "Label" field allows you to add a field that displays a heading or description on the app form.
You can change the text color and size to highlight the heading the field displays or use the field to add supplemental information about input fields.

Usage Examples

  • "Label" fields can be used to add a heading for a group of fields. Placing section headings helps your app form look organized. Example of using a "Label" field as a heading

  • "Label" fields can also be used to display a description or note for input fields. It is also possible to embed a link. Example of using a "Label" field to display a description

  • "Label" fields can be placed inside a "Field group" field.
    "Field group" fields are collapsed on app forms. Placing a "Label" field inside a "Field group" field allows you to provide a long description of an app or other information without sacrificing readability.
    Although you cannot set permissions for "Label" fields, you can set permissions (the Permissions for Fields setting) for "Field group" fields. This means that using "Field group" fields allows you to display the content of the "Label" field only to specific users.

Setting Screen for the "Label" Field

In addition to character decoration, you can insert bullet points and adjust indents.

The input field of a "Label" field