Label field You can place a Label field and use that field to create an entry field for displaying a header/description in a form.
You can use this field to change text color/size to highlight a header, or to add supplemental information on an entry item.

Usage Examples

  • You can use Label fields to add a title for other fields. It is convenient to place a section title on a form. Example of using the label for title

  • You can also use them to display a description or notes for an entry field. You can also embed a link. Example of using the label for description

  • You can place a Label field inside a field group.
    Since field groups are collapsed on forms, you can use this field to enter a long description of an app in a label that is placed inside a group field.
    You cannot assign access permissions to Label fields, but you can assign access permissions for fields to a field group. Therefore, it is possible to show a description that is entered in a label only to specific users.

Setting Screen for the Label Field

In addition to highlighting texts, you can set itemization or indention.

Input field for Label