App Setting Options

Article Number:040603

On the App Settings screen, you can configure the following setting options:

Setting option Overview
Changing the app name You can change the name of the app.
Notes for app administrators You can freely leave notes regarding the app.
Notes for app administrators can be viewed only by the users with the permission to manage the app.
Form settings You can configure the app's form, which is used for adding data into the app.
Views settings You can configure the display format of views, which are the lists of records created in the app.
Graphs settings You can configure conditions for performing data aggregation on the numerical values, the number of records, and so on.
Configured conditions are displayed on the top page of the app (the "View" screen) and are available to users of the app.
General settings You can change the icon and color theme of the app.
Process Management setting You can set up a process (workflow) that allows multiple users to edit and review records.
Notifications settings You can set up notifications that are sent to app users when records are edited, comments are posted on records, and so on.
It is also possible to set up reminder notifications that are sent based on the date and time information in records.
Plug-ins setting You can configure plug-ins to extend the features of the app.
JavaScript and CSS customization You can use JavaScript and CSS to customize the behavior and screen appearance of the app.
API Token setting You can set API tokens. API tokens are used for authenticating Kintone REST API requests sent from external programs.
Webhooks setting Configuring Webhooks in Kintone, you can send notifications to external Web services when an action, such as adding or editing of a record, is performed. A Webhook is a mechanism for connecting multiple Web services.
Permissions settings You can set permissions for apps, records, and fields.
Categories setting You can set categories to group records into a hierarchical structure.
Localization setting You can set the app name, field names, and other item names in the following languages: Japanese, English, and Chinese (simplified).
Title Field setting You can configure record titles. Record titles are used as, for instance, the page title of each record's "Record Details"screen and the notification title.
Misc settings You can configure the following:
  • Enabling/disabling thumbnails of images
  • App code
  • Allowing/prohibiting bulk deletion of records
  • Enabling/disabling the Change History feature
  • Enabling/disabling the Comments feature
  • Enabling/disabling the Duplicate Record feature
  • First month of a fiscal year
  • Precision of numbers and calculations (E.g., the number of digits, rounding method)
Actions setting You can set up actions that can be executed on records of the app.
Preview You can use the test environment to test the behavior of the app.
Downloading the app as a template You can create and download a template of the app settings in a single operation.
Change which space an app belongs to You can change which space an app belongs to or move an app outside of any spaces.
Delete the app You can delete the app.