Managing Your Schedule with Kintone

Article Number:040740

You can display the top page of your Kintone app in the calendar view.
This is beneficial when you have an app like an "Event Calendar" app or a "Recruitment Interview Schedule" app and you want to manage schedules on the app using a calendar.
Note that Kintone does not provide schedule features like those offered by other groupware products .

To set up a calendar view, you need to have the app management permission for the app. Screenshot: The calendar view

To display your app in the calendar view, navigate to the App Settings, open the "View" setting screen for a view, and select Calendar view under Visible Fields and Column Order.

Screenshot: A GIF that shows the procedure from navigating to the "App Settings" screen to selecting "Calendar view"

If the app has several views, place the calendar view at the top of the list on the Views tab. This makes the calendar view appear first whenever the app is accessed.

Screenshot: A GIF that shows the calendar view being moved to the top of the list on the "Views" tab

When you update the app, the calendar view is displayed.