Setting Related Records

To display Related Records, place the Related Record field and set the followings.

  • App to refer to (You can specify not only other app but also the same app)
  • Fields to associate with (Records in the datasource app of which values match the values of these fields are displayed in the Related Records)
  • Fields to display in the Related Records

This section describes the way to list information from the Project Management app, in the Related Records of the Customer Management app. Associate company names of both apps, to display project information (project name, scheduled order date, etc) in the Related Records. Image

  1. Click the app setting button Setting button on the upper right of the record view, and select the "Form" tab.

  2. Place a Related records field on the form.

  3. Hover the cursor over the setting button Setting button for the Related records field that you placed in step 2, and click Settings.

  4. Enters the field name.
    In this example, enter "Project list" as the field name. Image

  5. Select an app to refer to, in the Datasource App.
    In this example, select the Project Management app. Image

  6. In the Fetch Criteria, select fields of the current app and the datasource app.
    Records with the same value for the two selected fields are displayed in the Related Records.
    In this example, in order to fetch the information of which customer name matches the customer name of the current app, select "Customer Name (of this app) = Customer Name (of the datasource app)". Image For details on fields which you can specify, see Fields that Can Be Specified for the "Fetch Criteria" Setting in Related Records.

  7. If you want to add an condition, specify that condition using the Filter.
    In this example leave the "All records" selected.

  8. In the Datasource App Fields to Display, select fields that you want to display in the Related Records.
    In this example, select project name, accuracy, scheduled order date, total cost, and contact. Image

  9. In the Display Order, select the sort order and the maximum number of records to be displayed at once.

  10. Set the field code as needed.

  11. Click "Save".

  12. Click "Save Form" on the upper left side of the screen to save the form.