Creating and Updating Records in Bulk

You can import an Excel workbook or CSV file to an app to create or update records in bulk.
This is helpful when you create or update a large number of records.

Adding Records in Bulk

Create new records in an existing app in bulk.
To create records in bulk, create an Excel workbook or CSV file.
For details on how to create a file to import, see "Add Records in Bulk: Creating a File" page.

Updating Records in Bulk

Update records that are created in an app in bulk. Export the records to be updated to a file, and then import them after editing with such spreadsheet software as Microsoft Excel and Open Office Calc.

Steps to Update Records in Bulk

  1. Export records to be updated from an app.
    Exporting Data to a File
  2. Edit the exported file to have its record data changed to the updated one.
    Update Records in Bulk: Editing a File
  3. Import the updated file to the app.
    Create/Update Records in Bulk: Importing a File