Opening the Kintone Administration Screen

Article Number:04046

Kintone Administration is where you configure various settings regarding the management and maintenance of Kintone, such as user permission settings and customization of features. Only Kintone Users & System Administrators and Kintone Administrators can configure KintoneAdministration settings.
Reference: Types of Administrators and Permissions

To open the "Kintone Administration" screen, click the Settings icon (the gear-shaped icon at the top of Kintone), then click Kintone Administration.

The following is a list of what you can do in Kintone Administration.
For more information, refer to the respective pages.

Settings like user or department settings and security settings are configured in Users & System Administration. For details on what you can do in Users & System Administration and configurable settings, refer to Kintone Users & SystemHelp.